Specialized organizations

Giving as a way of life.

ZDAAS has provided technology services to Non-Profits building our experience working with Non-Profit organizations who are supported through the donations of their supporters. Our personal experience has taught us that just as the Private Sector, the needs of Non-Profits are unique and they require the same good pricing, reliability and ease of technology use.
Non-Government organizations (NGO’s) and Non-Profits employ almost 10% of the work force in the US today. Their role in our culture is vital as they meet the gap of traditional government services and support to their communities. ZDAAS has a passion for supporting these organizations that give back to our communities and the world at large. We can provide the technology solutions for business basics with competitive pricing:
  • Website
  • MS SharePoint
  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • And more!
In addition, ZDAAS offers a customized approach for software solutions + application development where you need solutions beyond the custom off the shelf (COTS) solutions.
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