Public Sectors

Delivering exceptional IT business solutions.

ZDAAS was founded in the heart of the region which serves the U.S. Federal Government. Our corporate offices are located in the largest City and County of the State of Maryland ─ Baltimore. We not only understand State, Local and Federal government, we live it!
ZDAAS is experienced with serving the public sector which includes State, County, City and Federal Government. Public service entails public trust. Our services are provided with the quality, values, fair pricing and the trust expected of a public service provider. We have a number of contracts and vehicles with which to contract business. Explore the opportunities.


ZDAAS is a certified provider to multiple States and local governments across the United States. We are ever expanding our services across the US. To learn more about our reach with State, County and City government, visit Contract Vehicles.
State and local governments, just like the Federal Government have similar goals and challenges. Today, State’s key information technology (IT) goals include integrating IT resources to eliminate duplicate systems, enhancing interoperability among systems, and employing best practices for deploying, operating and maintaining IT operations. States faces key challenges such as shortages of IT resources and decaying assets. ZDAAS is a trusted business partner providing the value and fair prices to serve the citizens of each State we serve.


ZDAAS is expanding our service reach, and beginning in 2016, we are engaged with Federal Government agencies to provide quality IT products and services. The federal government’s current IT focus is on consolidating or eliminating duplicate, low-value, or wasteful IT spending, and improving portfolio management processes. In the face of tight budgets, savings are being sought in IT infrastructure, enterprise IT systems, and business systems. ZDAAS is a valued partner to provide quality services at fair prices. Visit Contract Vehicles to see how you can engage with ZDAAS on Federal Contracts.
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